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Текст песни Chosen By Heaven
Candles fight darkness, silence adhere
You are alone
Your eyes on the icon, meek and austere
This is your world
I dont belong here, I am a stranger
No place for me
I hear the summons from alien places –
Should I believe?

Ying and yang, black and white
Your soul is burning bright
Hell or Bliss, win or loose
You have to choose!

Only the song could ever join us
So we will taste the sweetness
Distress and pain of love

Shadows are dancing, your face is lifeless
Under moonlight
All masks are frozen, your world is ruptured
Because of love
Days flying by you
Youre not even able
To tell foe from friend
Youll never hear me and well regret it down in the end...

Blue sky will glance at earth and laughing
Will tell the truth that never
Will take the root in our world

...My heaven will grow through me so that I break down my faith...

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