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Текст песни Febris Erotica
Lethargy slowly forges me
Helplessly I submit
All I feels animosity
Deep inside Im strongly hit

Snows and rains are always near
Winds and blizzards serve to me
Hurricanes and storms I hear
No ones able me to see

Insanity is achieving me
Victory fades away
It seems to me Im in jeopardy
Surely Im to pay

I have strength of nothing real
Everything obeys to me
Wielding all the words Im weird
In my wrath Im Eerie

Ere the being I was the king –
Every living is admiring
Alls fearing: I am the queen
Every loving is fevering

Triumphal defeat
Of my enemy
Im honoring it
In wine livery
My hunting proceeds
My victims you are
Im sowing my seeds
Im not so far

Im caught in the trap
I share with you
My heart on my lap:
To heaven I flew

Im no more lone
Embodedre my dreams
To heaven Ive flown –
Above real lees

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