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Текст песни Bully
Dont ask me who I am, baby
Its just a little talk
cause every dog in Moscow city
Knows my easy walk.
Always with the bad boys,
Always with the knife,
You see it in the movies, baby-
I see it in my life.

Bully, bully, bully – they call me, man
Bully, bully, bully – thats just what I am.

I was a troubler at home, baby
A-- trouble - maker-- at school,
They tried to change & fix me–
But nobodys fool

I was lucky in love, baby
I was lucky with cards
Million broken windows
Million broken hearts
Bully, bully, bully with the broken teeth
Bully, bully, bully – thats the name of my biz

And now Im standing on stage, baby
But nothings gonna change
Ill stay a wild young, Tartar
Till the old mans age
I do the bad things – You like it,
I make the noise – you pay
Twenty-three years, twenty-three years
Twenty-three years forever man
Twenty-three years Goddamn...

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