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Текст песни Moscow - N.Y. - Moscow
Long hair, jeans, handmade guitar
That Goddamn day in JFK I thought,
Ill soon become a star
And things will be OK

Car-wash, gas-station, supermarket
There is no better job
For tough, ambitious Russianjerk
On his way to the top.

So slow and hard this fuckn way
But I dont really care.
America, youre eating me alive

Any fool can be a millionare
So I will try
Pretty chicks who dont exactly care
Will weap & cry
I could be king of nightclubs
If doorman let me in
You just need to speak some Russian
To know what I mean.

But they are gambling, drinking, smoking
But I dony really care.
America, youre eating me alive!

Cheapest beer in Brooklin bars - my only pleasure
The stolen tape recorder is my only pleasure
Black streep-girl from the go-go club - my only friend
Im Slavic hero drunk & lost in promised land

America, youre eating me alive! Well,
I could be doing better,
But I dont give a shit.

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