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Текст песни Moscow Outskirts
I came here, when I was a kid
I live here and aint gonna leave
cause here are the girls which I need
Here are the guys, they make me believe
This is my home, this is my school
My 3rd Rome, my superpower state
Maybe Im crazy or just a fool
But Im glad Ive got this kind of a fate
Living in Moscow outskirts
Getting high & getting down
Living in Moscow outskirts
Living in Moscow uptown

And here youve got your right for some beer
Here youve got your right for some wine
At night youve got your right to feel fear
At noon youve got your right for some fun
Your best friend is your right first
Your best teachers are the broken teeth
Youve got the right to be a “king” or a “six”
Youve got the right to do what you please

Fighting, killing, dying, eahh!
Dancing, singing, drinking, Blah!
Praying, painting the town red
Loving, hating, but never using our heads

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