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Текст песни Red beast
С похмелья голова болит
С похмелья голова болит
Лучше б опохмелиться, б опохмелиться

Fathers of nations
Sons of the bitches
Sickle of death
Hammer of witches
Bald devils
Bearded goats
Twisted brains
Sold souls

I saw the Slut
(Hey, hey, hey)
On the Red Beast
On the Red Beast

Sinners and saints
Fear and pain
Pleasure of chains
In the madman reign
Babylon tower
Broken bell
Millon people
Going to hell


(Pigs) in the church
(Rats) on the deck
(Blood) up to your knees
(Shit) up to your neck


...On the Red Beast
On the Red Beast
Red Beast...

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