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Текст песни Well be back
A ravens flying in the sky
The smell of spring is in the air
Nobodys crying, nobody wanna die
Noone will know, noone will care

Another time and once again
We gonna roll the wheel of fate
We gonna play the old & endless game
Weve gotta go, youve gotta wait

Well be back, well be back
Theres a little job, it must be done
Wait for us, wait for us
Even if they say well never come

These eyes are done for--‘nother show
This flesh is made for--‘nother stuff
Butt we know well the way we have to go
And thats enough, & thats enough

So, time is up, we gotta go
Wish me good luck hold me tight
No, I dont know what is the end
of--all this show
But I can--swear well play it right

Дата: 28.07.11 15:56
Отправил: Fantom
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