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Текст песни Skywards
Cast out from a world of selfdeceit
In senseless fear of denial

Forgive the others indifference
And on paths of wisdom trait
In grief thou shalt not wander
With hopefilled heart now walk

Do not fear the slow proceeding
Fear only the stillness of invention

Mocking words and actions a defeat
For intellect and mind

Saveth me for I know not how
To break free from these chains of scorn
Oh I wonder how can I turn the sense of doubt
In the minds of them all

Our needs are depending in images in life
And the more you agree in the far more they ask

I am an outcast but I am free to speak
The words from my heart
And when I know the secrets
In the minds of the weak
I shall return and be grateful
For the lessons learnt from the past
Hear me, see me
I am now forever one with myself

I sense the forces that deep within me burn
I smell remains of fear forever gone
I feel now comfort with who I have to be
Now is the time for retributive thoughts

To be content is happiness
Not the overflow of material things
That we seek to make a stand
In this era of greed and self-inflicted
Pain in the shape of disappointment

Do not fear the slow proceeding
That's all I ask of thee

What lies ahead you will never know
So come prepared

Oh I wish for thee to see the vast plains
And the field, the open seas, the wailing trees
The treasures of my kingdom
Reach the level of understanding now
Exploring, considering the actions of the past

On a journey forever

Still you're in the water struggling
While I clasp the skies
Can you see the lifeblood dripping
From the cheek of everscorn?

Yes I can!

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